Platform Displays

We elevate your retail strategy

Retail is a complex field with endless variables. As your partner, we’ll navigate each environment with you to create engaging experiences for your customers and simpler processes for your team. From basic wire attachments to brand-forward fixtures, our team knows how to design and produce displays to optimally perform in each channel. Along the way, we illuminate possibilities for higher impact and greater efficiency. Let’s make your retail strategy shine.

Simplifying the path to retail success

In your brand and product development, thinking and making are integrated from start to finish. Creative exploration is grounded in the reality of production and business strategy. We see visual merchandising the same way. We make every design and production decision in service of a delightful experience for your customer and a thoughtful, low-maintenance supply chain for you.

Partnerships with lasting value

Our partners come from diverse corners of consumer product marketing, each with their own unique retail environments and shopper behaviors to understand. What they have in common is established brands and broad distribution; they’re invested in a quality customer experience, and they emphasize perennial success as much as quarterly targets. From the grocery aisle to the hardware store, we center our collaboration around their brand, bringing insights and fresh perspectives from across industries to highlight opportunities for elevation and ease.

Your team at Platform

When you partner with Platform, you get a team of design, production, and retail logistics experts who share a common mindset — maximize the potential in everything we do. What our customers most often highlight: the ease of working with us, and the long-term benefit our expertise brings to their retail strategy.

Let’s connect about realizing the full potential of your retail strategy.

Platform Displays

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