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Our mission is Potential

At Platform, we’re aligned on this common goal — to bring out the best in our work, our team, the people we serve, and the brands we elevate. For our customers, we develop solutions that realize their products’ potential in each market environment, and build relationships that become the foundation for shared success. As a team, we help each other maximize our potential to make life better for those around us.

This has been our approach since the early 1980s, when our founder crafted basic metal racks with low-tech machinery in his garage. While our expertise, capabilities, and outcomes have evolved dramatically over the last four decades, our core purpose has remained constant.

Living our values

We deliver on our mission of potential by staying true to four fundamental values. We make life better for those around us when we:

Do the right thing

To us, integrity means consistently striving to be our best selves. We communicate clearly and openly, stand behind our word, treat others with kindness, and take a long-term view to find the right path forward.

Add value

We go the extra mile to elevate every project and relationship. Whether we improve a process, approach challenges as opportunities, or share lessons learned through experience, we appreciate the many ways we can make someone’s life better today.

Inspire growth

For our partners, we power growth by amplifying their brand and elevating their products. As a team, we inspire one another to expand our skills and knowledge, encouraging greater contributions to our company, our families, and our world.


We thrive on creating and sharing order, ease, and efficiency. From streamlined workflows to thoughtfully arranged displays, we clear away the excess so the intentional may stand out and shine.

Let’s connect about realizing the full potential of your retail strategy.

Platform Displays

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