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In 2006, when we were presented with a project from 3M’s Construction and Home Improvement Markets (CHIM) division on a display design for their Filtrete™ Air Filters, we didn’t know the outcome would still be in place more than a decade later.

Our teams worked together to develop a thoughtful, straightforward system of adjustable rails and gravity pushers. This system has the rails and gravity pushers remaining constant, while including an easy solution for the custom graphics to be periodically replaced on the frame that attaches to standard industrial store pallet racking.

For the customer, comparison and selection has made the shoppability easier than with stacks of product flat on shelves. From the employee’s perspective, products are simple to restock, and they stay neatly organized between inventory additions.

We’ve had the same core team at Platform for many years, so we have a long track record with focusing on developing solutions to address retailer merchandising challenges. We bring extensive knowledge of business, channels, and developing solutions for a broad array of products. The Filtrete project is one example of how Platform’s familiarity and background with the retail environment allows us to maintain continuity over the long haul.

“Platform understands the store environments, so we can speak the same language to get us where we need to be and meet the buyer’s expectations.”

JEFF J.Merchandising Specialist

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