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“You can never underestimate how much a well-presented display can help you drive sales.”

Courtney S. Merchandising Supervisor

This is the perspective of Courtney S. with the 3M Electrical Markets Division after creating focus in their channel sales strategy.

For many years, the 3M Electrical Markets Division has recognized the value of a strong merchandising program and point-of-purchase display offering. 3M saw 2020 as a new opportunity to refresh their designs and simplify their display portfolio. Together, we helped 3M narrow the scope to focus on what works to help maximize their budget and help drive their customer traffic with multi-functional, eye-catching designs.

Designed to last

3M Electrical Markets wanted their new display offering to stand out from the typical silhouettes seen in the industry. They needed a sturdy display to support heavy products that hold up over the long haul. With their customer’s requirements in mind and some rough sketches, our team developed a bold combination of durable wood laminate and powder-coated steel for a display that will be relevant in a decade while looking cutting-edge today.

“We want to offer our customers a display design that ages well. Platform rolls out with designs that are durable and creative. Design is important as it helps serve as an extension of 3M’s position in the store. You don’t want to be a throwaway display. You want your displays to reflect that you’re in it for the long haul.”

COURTNEY S.Merchandising Supervisor

Flexible sales tools

3M’s customers have different needs for their displays. Rather than producing unique solutions for each application, we helped 3M offer options without adding complexity. Simple features allow a countertop display to be mounted to accommodate varying store sizes, for example, or a heavy floor display to be repositioned with casters for easy resets.

“Platform sees what design types move, and 3M sees what products move. We talk at the beginning of every year to align on budget and focus. My experience with Platform has been one of a true collaboration; they legitimately listen. Your imagination is the limit. If you can sketch it out, Platform can make it real.”

COURTNEY S.Merchandising Supervisor

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